During the past 7 months that I’ve been staying in Malaysia, I’ve fallen in love with the country.

I feel that I can do anything I want, or be anybody I want. I can wake up in the morning, when it’s calm and peaceful, and take walks in the park to just think. It’s so soothing and it’s something I can’t do elsewhere.

If you ask anybody who knows me well, they’ll tell you that my favourite thing about Malaysia is the rain.
I’ve never held an umbrella under the rain. It’s always been me and the rain without barriers, and I enjoy every single drop. ☔

Here in Malaysia, I’ve met people like me, the kind that I couldn’t find back home. Friends that think like me and understand me.
I also made a couple of friends from people of the land. I haven’t met alot but the ones I have met are the most fun and beautiful people with amazing personalities to match. They never judge and they’re always fun to be around. (hint: Sarah)

To sum up, Malaysia definitely comes second in the ‘places I stayed in that aren’t my home country’ list. Just because nothing tops the place that holds my childhood memories.
We’ll talk about Bangladesh some other day.