How to revise for a test the night before.

The best thing you could do is start revising early. Not just days, but weeks before a test.

But since you’re here, you’re probably just hours away from your test. You must know how to make the most out of your revision time, and how to revise effectively.

1) Find somewhere to study. Somewhere where you won’t be interrupted. You should know what environment you could work in smoothly. Good! Now go study there.

2) Make a revision timetable. Get a piece of paper, and break down each topic into small chunks.

3) Check how much time you have. Then divide that by the number of topics you have to revise. For example, you have 5 hours, and 10 topics to study. So, you spend 30 minutes on each topic. Let’s call it working in 30 minute blocks.

4) Organise a revision block. Divide the time you have accordingly. For example, revise for 15 minutes. Then, test yourself for 5 minutes and make a note of weak spots to work on later.

5) Take a break. After noting your weak spots, spend 10 minutes having a break. It is hard to concentrate on studying when you do not take enough breaks in between.

6) Do it again. Keep working in blocks until you’re done revising all your topics.

7) Pat yourself on the back. Good job! Now do not forget to get enough sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

8) Remember to start studying early. Next time, do not wait until last-minute.


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