Fun in i-City, Shah Alam

On the second day of Eid, my family decided to travel to Shah Alam for a visit to i-City amusement park,

which didn’t go so well.

First, we went to 7 Eleven and we were invited by a really rude guy which left us in a not so good mood. We later decided to not pay much attention to it and and entered the amusement park. First impression wasn’t good. It was a really boring looking place and navigation through it wasn’t easy. The ground was full of splashes of mud. We found a spot to sit till my father went to buy tickets. He bought a RM50 credit and four of us went for a Ferris wheel ride. I didn’t go but they were all in a bad mood anyway. We just sat for a little bit and took pictures. We didn’t visit the SnowWalk which we thought was too expensive for the seven of us (especially since it was 6:30 pm) and we aren’t myKad holders either ( which just makes it more expensive).

Later,  the City of Digital Lights started lighting up and it looked AMAZING. We went there and walked around since it was very crowded and there was no place to sit. There was a really cool fountain light show that dances to the music thing (much like the one in KLCC, but smaller).

Later, we decided to ride the Spacewalk which is an elevated rail ride through the City of Digital Lights, and when we went to recharge our card. The lady told us your card is unreadable. Since we bought it just over an hour before, we decided to go to the lady who sold us the card and show her the receipt to try and understand the problem. We had to buy another card and when we told her we have a credit of RM10 in it, she called the supervisor. Apparently, the only thing he could do for us is give us the RM2 we paid for the card itself, hmm…

Overall, we had fun (until the last incident). We realized it wasn’t so bad. The park has potential to grow, but I think it wasn’t ready for visitors. However, the City of Digital Lights was great and the fountain show was fun as well. The amusement park is only fun after 6 pm, though (once the lights are on). You should visit sometime, maybe you’ll have a better experience 🙂


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